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The 1st Plushmaking Ebook is incoming!



They are round. They are cute. They fit into cupcake cases.

Become a master of Mochis with “Pinku’s Guide to Mochi Plushies”! 💚

A few features of the book’s contents:

🎀 3 Mochi designs that can simply be made with a sewing machine

🎀 Embroidery files for 8 Mochi faces:

Cat, Cat with Frosting, Bunny, Llama, Sheep, Dragon, Teddy & Bird

🎀 You are allowed to sell Mochi plushies!

🎀Embroidery files for 3 ITH ears: Cat, Bunny & Teddy

🎀 Thorough instructions + pictures

🎀Plenty of useful sewing / embroidery advice

🎀Over 100 pages split into two chapters!

🎀Zigzag Appliqué Tutorial - how to nail crisp shapes with your sewing machine

🎀All embroidery files fit a 4x4” / 10x10cm hoop

There’s even more! All info will be included in the upcoming Etsy listing. It will release here at 4PM CEST on friday!

In the meantime: A Q&A about the book is taking place in my IG stories. Feel free to drop by here and ask anything you are curious about! Once completed, the answers will be added to a new story highlight.

I’m super excited for this. ;O; 💚💚

Also! A related Giveaway is incoming...and you get to choose what I sew for its prize!

More info on friday~

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