Frequently asked questions

Are your commissions open?

Click here :) 

How do commissions work?

Click here :) 


Can I get a discount?

It is possible to gain discounts for posting about your commission on social media - you can read more about it in section 9 of the commission information page.

Is there a way to get a plush for free?

That's only possible by winning a giveaway - I have them from time to time. Keep an eye on the news page to see when the next one is going to happen! 


Where do you buy your fabric?

I get my Minky from Minky-Europe or Plushaddict, other types of fabric have been purchased on Ebay or at local stores.


Is your home smoke/pet free?

It is smoke free, the family cat's hair occasionally comes back home with me from visits.

Do you accept commissions for clothing/costumes?

No, I only take plushie commissions.


Can you give me your patterns?



Do you sell your patterns or do you have tutorials?

I am planning to create a few of them in the future! The upcoming book about the basics of plushmaking will also include many tutorials and patterns.


Are you open for art trades?

Usually not, only very rarely. It's more likely for me to want to trade with you if I've been following you for a while.


Can you teach me to make plushies?

I'm working on a book that teaches the basics of plushmaking suitable for beginners! More information will be released on the news page soon. <3

If you have specific questions, I'll try to answer them as far as my explaining skills go. :) 


Where did you learn to make plushies? How can I get started?

I first started by crocheting pillows, then moved onto sewing. Using tutorials I found online helped with basic knowledge, and I learned the most by experimenting with making my own patterns after that. 


A few nice tutorials I can recommend for beginners are:







There are way more tutorials about plushmaking and its techniques out there, Google is your friend. <3