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Shop and price quotes update!

About the Shop:

For the first time, I have had to pause my Etsy shop to be able to keep up with your orders! Thank you so much for making this possible. :)

From here on out, I am going to remove the made-to-order listings whenever I have a full list of orders. It will reopen when I have time again - and will stay open until my schedule is filled. This might take a few hours or a few weeks - let's see how it works out! :)

I'm going to announce any updates for the shop regularly on my Instagram story and the post descriptions on my other pages.

Etsy will be the best opportunity to snag a plush, as custom orders will stay closed for a long time!

About Quotes:

Price quotes for custom orders are now only available on certain dates, just like commissions.

As I am planning for commissions to be closed until spring 2020 or longer, price quotes would not be accurate as of now. The price list can still be used as a rough guide for what to expect - I am going to update the prices when I have decided on a future date for commissions to reopen.

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