Plushmaking Ebook: RELEASE!

IT IS HERE. Pinku’s Guide to Mochi Plushies! AHHHHH

đź’šđź’š đź’šđź’š

My first PLUSHMAKING EBOOK! Over 100 pages split into two chapters. Comes with PDF instructions, printable pattern pages and embroidery files. Become a master of Mochis!

Just a few of its features:

⠀🎀⠀ You are allowed to sell Mochi plushies!

⠀🎀⠀ 10 total Mochi styles, 3 can simply be made with a sewing machine

⠀🎀⠀ Thorough instructions + pictures

⠀🎀⠀ Embroidery files for 3 ITH ears & 8 Mochi faces: ⠀ Cat, Frosting Cat, Bunny, Llama, Sheep, Dragon, Teddy, Bird

⠀🎀⠀ General sewing + embroidery advice

⠀🎀⠀ Hand-sewn accessories: Bow & Whipped cream

The entire info is in the shop listing description. Also, feel free to check out the Q&A story highlight on my Instagram for videos.

I spent 170+ hours on putting all of this together. ;O; Thank you SO MUCH for all of your kind words and the amazing response to the book’s reveal. That makes me so happy. 💚 And now! I’m so looking forward to seeing the Mochis that you will make. *Eeeeee*

If this book does well, I will be able to take on bigger plush projects again! And it also makes it possible to create more plush Tutorials & Patterns for you in the future.Any sh/a/re is super appreciated and supports me and my art tremendously! đź’š

Also: As already teased, a related GA is coming up! More info in my upcoming post on social media. đź‘€

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