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New schedule!

I have a new schedule! Commissions are now being worked on from monday to wednesday, and I am going to use thursday and friday to focus on side projects.

The commissions by themselves do not fully pay the bills, so I need to sew side projects (e.g. simpler plushies for my Etsy) to make ends meet. Up until now, I have been taking care of commissions and everything else that the business involves (emails, marketing, bookkeeping, etc.) during the week, and have spent the weekends with side plushies. Most days I worked overtime and I have barely been able to take a day off in the last months. I can feel that I do need time to rest to be able to keep giving my best for each person who I have the honor of making a plush for. So with the new schedule, I can make sure that the side projects are taken care of without me worrying about neglecting days off or commissions. And I'll finally be able to rest during the weekend to recharge those plushmaking batteries. :)

To everyone on my list, thank you so much for your patience and understanding! I am so grateful that I get to work with the kindest customers in the world. 💚

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