To-Do List

Working on commissions on thursdays & fridays!


Slots in orange are estimated to take 2+ weeks of work days to complete.

1. 30cm OC Macchiato for Deshirot

2. 30cm Chirithy for Nevara

3. Chinchou Blob for Tyler

4. 40cm Shiny Cyndaquil "Zimt" for Theru

(send reminder 2 weeks prior)

5. Vaporeon Blob for Izzy

6. 40cm Torracat for Andrea

7. Cuddling Aipom for Greg

8. Shiny + Orange Karp for Anne

9. Orange dapple Karp for Rachel

10. Orange dapple Karp for Robyn

11. Shiny Galvantula for Felixx

Awaiting payments:

Remaining payment for Cyndaquil from Theru



Full payment for Macchiato from Deshirot

Full payment for Chinchou from Tyler

First payment for Cyndaquil from Theru

Full payment for Vaporeon Blob from Izzy

Full payment for Chirithy from Nevara

Full payment for Torracat from Andrea

Full payment for Aipom from Greg

Full payment for the Karps from Anne

Full payment for the dapple Karp from Rachel

Full payment for the dapple Karp from Robyn 

Full payment for Galvantula from Felixx

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