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To-Do List!

Working on commissions from mondays to wednesdays. :)

Update: Moving to a new home soon!

No commission progress during the first week of December.

Custom orders will be paused for Christmas holiday from

23rd of December until 6th of January. 


1. 30cm Chao for Natalie

2. 30cm Shiny Galvantula for Joseph


3. Gatomon Blob for Emma

4. Dragonair for Geckuh

5. Growlithe Blob for Mexie

6. OC Striker Blob for Sarah

7. 50cm Shiny Raikou for Jay

8. 30cm OC Macchiato for Deshirot

9. Gengar Blob for Rachel

10. 30cm Chirithy for Nevara

11. Chinchou Blob for Tyler

12. 40cm Shiny Cyndaquil "Zimt" for Theru

(send reminder 2 weeks prior)

13. Happy Squid for Brian

14. Vaporeon Blob for Izzy

15. 40cm Torracat for Andrea

Awaiting payments:

Remaining payment for Cyndaquil from Theru

Remaining payment for Torracat from Andrea



Full payment for Chao from Natalie

Full payment for Galvantula from Joseph

Full payment for Gatomon from Emma

Full payment for Dragonair from Geckuh

Full payment for Growlithe from Mexie

Full payment for Striker from Sarah

Full payment for Macchiato from Deshirot

Full payment for Raikou from Jay

Full payment for Chinchou from Tyler

First payment for Cyndaquil from Theru

Full payment for Happy Squid from Brian

Full payment for Vaporeon Blob from Izzy

Full payment for Chirithy from Nevara

Full payment for Gengar Blob from Rachel

Several part payments for Torracat from Andrea