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1. How to commission

1.1. Read all of the information on this page. By ordering a plush you also state that you agree with everything mentioned here. You can skip reading section 9 (“discounts”) if it does not apply to you.


1.2. Check when price quotes / commissions are open here. 

When quotes are open, you can send me details of your desired plush via Email to or use the contact form.

Your message should include: 

 * Your full name (optionally plus nickname) and country 

 * Plush size (available sizes are listed here.)

 * Reference pictures! The more the better.  + Name of your character

 * Your Paypal-Email address (if you chose Paypal as payment method)

I am going to respond with a price quote. If you are further interested in ordering the plush as discussed, message me again on the date when commissions are open.


1.3. If your plush order is approved, you just have to confirm it (that includes the price and the conditions listed on this page and the attached document) once more in your response . This will set your commission slot in stone.​


​1.4. Your slot will be added to the To-Do-List, a list of all current commissions. I will start working on your plush as soon as it has reached number one on the list.

1.5. I will send you pictures of the progress whenever there is something interesting to see. During some parts of the plush, like the creation of the pattern, no pictures will be taken. 

1.6. Payment is due as soon as your commission is accepted. I will send an invoice to your Paypal (or tell you how to pay if another payment method is chosen).

I will not start working on your commission unless it is paid for!

Once I have already started working on an order or ordered materials for it, payments will not be refunded.

Should a commission not be paid for upon reaching number one on the list, it will be pushed back to the last slot. If there is no payment or contact within a week of that happening, the plush will be removed from the list.

1.7. I will use the shipping address listed in your Paypal information unless agreed otherwise.

Please notify me beforehand if you want to use a different address.

Your plush will be shipped to you once it is finished and I have taken pictures of it. 

1.8. Each plush creation involves the following steps:

1: Creating a pattern out of paper 

2: Testing the shape of the pattern with a plush prototype - this prototype will be made at a random size using random colors and will be taken apart again to mark changes on the pattern. Depending on the design, it sometimes takes multiple prototypes & days / weeks of work until the shape is good enough! This is the first step of the process you will receive progress pictures of.

3: Correcting the pattern and resizing it to your desired size

4: Creating embroidery files for eyes, etc. on the computer and testing the embroidery

5: Embroidering details onto the fabric

6: Cutting fabric pieces for the actual plush

7: Sewing the plush

8: Stuffing & assembling the plush

9: Taking professional pictures of the finished plush

I might have to wait a few days to catch good lighting for pictures. Whether pictures are taken, how they look & when they are posted is up to my discretion. Special requests can be discussed, though they may add to the price.

2. Commission slots

2.1. Commissions and price quotes are open for one day, very rarely. You can be notified about the next opening date via the Newsletter.


2.2. It is possible to send commission application messages / price quote inquiries during that day. I will read through all of them on the following day and choose which ones get accepted.


2.3. I am not adding any new commissions to the list when commissions are closed! It is only possible to get a slot by applying on the day they are open.


2.4. If you want an order to be completed by a certain date (birthdays, christmas, etc), please take into account that making the plush itself and shipping it takes time. Ordering at least two months in advance of the deadline is recommended.

If one of the accepted commissions has a deadline it will be made before the others on the list, but that does not serve as a guarantee of reaching the deadline.


2.5. I will only be able to accept a limited number of very time-consuming plush designs per commission round. If the last round of orders is not complete by the beginning of a new round of commissions, the new orders will be started as soon as the previous ones are finished.


2.6. Please do not message me multiple times asking how soon your commission will be started. You can see the order of plushies on the To-Do-List.


2.7. In case I cannot continue working on a commission due to a lack of materials I will put "waiting for materials" next to its slot on the To-Do-List. Should the commission be slot number one at that point I will work on the next paid commission slot in the meantime until materials have arrived.

2.8. In case I cannot continue working on commissions due to falling ill I'll personally message the commissioner who is in slot number one and add a notification on the To-Do-List page!

The same goes for going on a holiday, the notification for that will be put up beforehand.

2.9. I do not take reservations when commissions are closed.

2.10. I have the right to decline a commission offer for whatever reason (e.g. too complex design, size exceeds limits, etc).

2.11. If there are multiple orders for the same plush design, they will receive the same slot and will be made simultaneously.

3. What I do not make

  • Plushies of human characters

  • Realistic animals (e.g. “Make a plush of my cat!”)

  • Robots

  • NSFW 

  • Copies of other plushmaker's ideas 

4. Material

4.1. I can offer to make your plush out of minky plush fabric (also called cuddle 3) or faux fur, other fabrics like PVC for details are possible too.  

Here's what a minky plush looks like: Baby Pony OC

A combination of minky and faux fur: Cat OC plushie

It is possible to mix various fabrics in one plush without changing the price. It might change when very expensive faux fur is used, these details will be discussed in messages.

4.2. If I need to order new fabric it will add to the price in most cases! (E.g. ordering multiple colors of fur gets very expensive for me.)

4.3. It’s possible to use special effect threads for embroidery (eyes, marks, symbols, details, etc)! There is a wide range of glow-in-the-dark thread, metallic thread, holographic glitter thread and more to choose from. Tell me your ideas!

This might add to the price if I do not have the specific thread in stock.

5. General information

5.1. The time it takes to complete a plushie greatly varies depending on the design - usually a commission will be finished within 2-8 weeks of your plushie reaching slot number one on the To-Do-List. Very complex or tall commissions might take longer!


5.2. If your commission is a gift and you'd like it to be kept top secret, tell me! Then I will not post any public work-in progress pictures or pictures of the finished plush until you give me permission. I'll also call the plush "top secret" in the To-Do-List and change your name on there if you want me to. :)


5.3. If you want to add accessories or clothing (e.g. a hoodie, necklace,etc) to your plush it will add to the price. Details will be discussed via message.

5.4. It is okay to message me if you have specific questions, however please do check whether they are already answered here or on the FAQ page.

5.5. As proof that you have read all of this page, include "Fluffy sheep!" somewhere in your message. (This is just for me, so I know who has had a good look at this .) The contents of this page apply to every commission and by commissioning you do state that you agree with it, no matter if you have read it or not.

5.6. I do not accept returns or offer refunds.

​5.7. I can offer minor plush repairs (e.g. open seams) for free in case they were caused by a mistake I made while creating the plush, but the customer has to take care of the shipping costs.

5.8. If the plush character was not designed by you, ask the creator for permission before you order a commission. I will not do this for you.​

5.9. I am not willing to resize the filly Pony or mare Pony patterns.

5.10. I do not accept any commission applications sent any other way than using the contact form or my email address. I want to keep it all in one place to not overlook any messages. 

5.11. Plush sizes are usually measured by height, though if a plush design has specific proportions, another measurement might be chosen. (E.g. a plush is small, but has a very long body → the length is chosen as main measurement instead. In case of ordering a 20cm snake plushie, it would result in a 20cm long snake.) If a plushie is laying down, the length will be the chosen measurement.

5.12. Measurements of the final plush may vary a little, e.g. a 20 cm-commission ending up being 21 or 19  cm tall. Please tell me beforehand if a measurement absolutely must not exceed a limit.

5.13. Text descriptions of your character design are not enough, I am going to need at least a sketch!

5.14. Due to their handmade nature, no plushies are the exact same. Even if I remake a plush using the same pattern, some details may vary slightly. Each plush is unique in its own way! 

5.15 My plushies are not suitable to be washed in a washing machine, gentle spot-cleaning is the way to go. They shouldn't be handled roughly either! They love to be cuddled though. :) Details about how careful the plush has to be handled depend on the design and will be discussed in messages.

5.16. Please be ready to reply to emails while I work on your plush! Besides sending progress pictures, I might have to get back to you e.g. for approval of an eye design sketch or other decisions. In some cases work on the plush has to be paused until you have replied. 

5.17. The country you live in affects the price of your plush in two ways: shipping and taxes.

In most cases, it is not possible to ship to a country other than the one you stated at the beginning of the commission without the price changing.

If you decide to change which country your plush is shipped to, the following will happen:

--> If the price increases, your plush will not be shipped until the remaining amount is paid.

--> If the price decreases, the difference will be refunded. Since this is a sudden change, it might take time to send the refund. 

5.18. Let me know if you do not want me to post your (self created) reference pictures online, or if you want a certain page to be credited if I do show them.

5.19. Plushies come with an embroidered Pinku Art signature for authenticity, if their size or design allows it. 

Changes of the design

If any of the following happens, spending extra time to correct an error like it will result in a revision fee. The amount of the fee depends on the estimated time taken, generally around 15€ per hour + material costs.


5.20 If you want specific details like a certain expression or pose, mention them BEFORE I start working on your plush! 


5.21 It is not possible to change the plushies' pose / details after I have already started working on the pattern. If you have not specified the pose, I am going to choose one.


5.22 If you are sending me multiple reference pictures that show different details of the character (e.g. the character has stripes on one picture and none on another), please be very specific which details you want on the plush and which ones you do not.

If there are details that are not visible in the reference pictures, it is your responsibility to tell me about them on time!


5.23 It counts as an extra revision if you suddenly want me to change pieces of the plush / prototype that you have stated are okay beforehand. 

(E.g. after already approving of the prototype for the body and me moving on to further details that have to be directly adjusted to it, you request the body to be taller after all.)


5.24 The prototype stage is the time when changes are still possible. Once I start with the final plush, extra changes will be rarely accepted. 


If the fee is not paid, the revisions will not be made and I will continue with the commission as I would have without. Revisions will only be possible if I am willing to do them.

6. Shipping

6.1. I ship worldwide and am located in Sweden!

6.2. The quotes on the pricing page are without shipping.

I will provide you with a shipping quote after you have told me your country and desired plush size in your commission / price quote message.


6.3. The shipping price depends on how big and how heavy the plushie is once it is finished.

It generally costs around 18€-28€ for sending most plushies internationally. 


6.4. The customer is responsible for paying customs if they apply. There are no customs within Europe, please inform yourself about your countries’ customs regulations if you are unsure. Customs are more likely to be applied to plushies starting at 30cm / 11.8 inch height and taller.


6.5. I do not take responsibility for plushies lost or damaged during the shipping process. I cannot affect how the shipping service performs.

6.6. The shipping service used is PostNord.


7.1. The payment will be due as soon as it is confirmed that you have received a commission slot.

If you are using PayPal, I am going to send an invoice to you! Please only pay by using that specific invoice.


7.2. Payment plans are also an option, though commissions without are more likely to be accepted. They have the following conditions:

- A pre-payment of at least 50€ has to be made upon receiving the commission slot.

- I will not start working on your plush unless it is fully paid for when it reaches slot number 1. Slots with a payment plan are placed in the back of the list to give you more time.

- All sent payments are non-refundable.

- If the full amount can't be paid within a week of reaching the top of the list, the plush will be paused or moved to the last slot. If it already is on the last slot, details will be discussed via email. It is up to me to decide how I will fit your plush in my upcoming schedule.

- In case of a customer "vanishing" after reaching slot 1 and having paid part of the plush, the slot will be removed from the list after 1 week of no contact. The money will count as paid credit for your plush order and you can receive a slot on the list again, but you can only apply for it when commissions are open.

7.3. I accept Paypal, Swish (for Swedish customers) or bank transfer. Please ask your local bank if you are not sure what the conditions for a bank transfer to Sweden are. Any fees that apply are paid by the customer.

8. Pricing

8.1. You can find a list of general price quotes here! For a specific price quote, please send me the following information when price quotes are open:

- Reference pictures of your character

- Plush size (Choose one of the sizes listed on the pricing page!)

- The country you live in

- Extra info if needed (Pose, expression, etc.)


8.2. As I do live within Europe, the prices are in euro (€).
No worries, you can pay with other currencies on Paypal, too! It just means that the prices listed in € won't change, no matter how much they are worth in another currency.
Currency values and exchange rates keep changing on a daily basis.
To check how much the € price currently is in USD or any other currency, please enter it here!

8.3. The prices depend on how high the complexity of the plush design is - they are sorted into the categories simple, medium, intermediate and high complexity. 

The categories describe the complexity and not the size.

You can use the example galleries to roughly estimate which rank your plushie is.

I can tell you which category your plush belongs to and send a full price quote if you give me the information mentioned in 8.1.

The sub-categories very simple and very high also exist, though they only happen very rarely. 

More pictures will gradually be added to the example galleries. 


8.4. The list starts off with general commission prices eligible for any plush shape - scroll down further to find specific prices for set body patterns like sleepy plushies, filly ponies, baby ponies and mare ponies.  


8.5. Smaller plush sizes than the ones listed are not available for commission. I might rarely accept orders for plushies taller than 50cm, this really depends on the design though.


8.6. The quotes are without shipping!

I can provide you with a shipping quote after you have told me your country and desired plush size in your commission / price quote message.

8.7. By tax laws, 25% VAT are added to the total for people living in Europe! If you live outside of the EU, customs might apply when you receive the plush. These vary depending on each country, I cannot determine whether or how much customs will be added. 


8.8. If you would like a quote for a plushie exactly as I have already made it before, message me.

9. Discounts

Discounts for features are currently not available.

Reworking this section sometime when I actually take commissions again.

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