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That's me! 

Hey there! 

You can call me Pinku~

I come from Austria (that's in Europe!). Feel free to talk to me in English, German or (imperfect) Swedish.

It's my passion to be creative - I love sewing kawaii plushies, accessories and all kinds of outfits. And as you may have noticed, green is my favorite color.

It's probably also notable that I am a Pokemon enthusiast, though I do not limit my plushies to them. It is my future goal to have my own plush and clothing designs produced. The plans are there! Just need to keep building for them for now. :)

I started sewing around 2009, and am always eager to improve my skills.

All of my plushies are entirely made by me from scratch, without assistance.

I draw the patterns by hand. You won't find the same ones anywhere else. 


My plushmaking hobby has been my full-time job after I finished school in 2016. Since then I've also moved to Sweden to live with my boyfriend Xanttu. Building your own business abroad is not always easy! I've been working hard to hone both my skills in plushmaking and also the more boring business stuff, haha.


I am so happy to be able to share doing what I love with my lovely community and supporters. Thank you for joining me on this plushmaking journey!


This page is mainly about my plushies and art - but while you are here, also check out the stream of my lovely partner Xanttu! 

We are an inseparable team - I make plushies, and he has a passion for streaming on Twitch. 

Ayy, Xanttu here! ;D 

My main focus will be to grow on Twitch and game my way to the top of the leaderboards of many games! ;)

I've been a competitive player for as long as I can remember, it's in my nature to be on the top!

Drop by the stream and I'll answer all of your questions... Well... Most of them at least ;)

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