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Commissions are OPEN on august 1st!

Custom plush commissions are OPEN on first of August!

This is your chance to make your favorite character come to life as a plush handmade with love. :)

My plush orders have been closed since september 2016 haha, thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting since then. :)

There is a new system for accepting plush orders now! To avoid being booked for a year in one go again, I will now accept around 3 new commissions on the first day of every month. You can always find the opening date for the next round of commissions at the “commission status” page!

To find out how plush orders work and how much they cost, check out the “commissions” section. Please read the information and FAQ page before asking questions!

Feel free to send me reference pictures to for a detailed price quote. I’ll need to know which country you live in to include shipping,etc. as well!


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