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German Commission Information added!

September 13, 2016

Ihr könnt euch nun die Infoseite über Plüschaufträge auch auf Deutsch durchlesen!

You can now read the commission information page in German!

Yay <3

You can find it here.

Temporarily closing commissions!

September 06, 2016

So many commissions, over 20 of them! Wow, that is overwhelmingly amazing. And especially amazing since I've had to stay away from taking commissions for the past two years! I'm so looking forward to sewing each one of them. <3 Thank you so much!

That being said, I am temporarily closing commissions! 

I have to figure out how taxes will change the prices in the future, and will be back as soon as that is solved.

If you have received a price quote from me before it is still valid and you can still claim your spot on the list! <3

I'll be able to give price quotes again as soon as commissions reopen. 


Giveaway winners!

August 13, 2016

Wow, almost 3000 entries from all over the world! That's so amazing, thank you so much for all your nice responses. <3

Here are the winners! The main winner was chosen via, the others by using :) 

And the grand prize selected by the winner ended up being Vaporeon! :) The other three are now available in my Etsy store again <3

Thank you for sharing and participating! This will not be the last plushie giveaway you see from me. <3 

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Sleepy plushie giveaway!

July 26, 2016

Custom plushie commissions are open for the first time in two years!

And to celebrate that, we are giving away a sleepy plushie. <3 


*There will be one lucky winner who gets to choose one out of 4 sleepy plushies shown in the picture below!

*Shipping is free and worldwide for the winner

*Anyone may enter

*The winner will be drawn on august 13th and receive an email notification!

*If the winner does not reply within 48 hours, a new winner is chosen.

*Rude begging/bribing to win will get you disqualified!


*You can also enter a giveaway for a chance for 10€ off a plush commission by:

- Liking the page and sharing the Facebook giveaway announcement post  (only one share per day, and do not share to groups if there already is a post about this!)

- Reposting on Instagram  (tag @pinkewe and @pinkualexs and use #pinkuartgiveaway, post is here)  

- Posting a journal entry about the giveaway on Deviantart (information here)

One winner for each of these pages will be drawn to receive 10€ off any plush purchase from Pinku Art, 3 coupons in total (one for Facebook, Instagram and Deviantart), winners will be notified via private message on these websites.

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New shipping prices!

July 26, 2016

We had a look at Swedish shipping services and can now offer cheaper prices for shipping plushies than initially expected! You can find the new price quotes on the commission information page. :) 

Commissions are OPEN!

July 17, 2016

Plushie commissions are OPEN! You can now contact me for ordering the plushie of your dreams. I am so looking forward to making your ideas come to life!! <3

Moved to Sweden!

July 12, 2016

Pinku has now moved to Sweden! Finally, we are together. <3 

We will set up the plushie business and Pinku will be ready to sew as soon as commissions are open on july 18th. Yay! 

Date for opening commissions!

July 08, 2016

For the first time after two years, custom plushie commissions will officially be open again on july 18th!!

Feel free to head over to the Commission information page to find out how they work. :)

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Picture taken by @Marjanshaki <3

Picture taken by Hirami <3


Pinku's dress for the "Dance of the vampires" musical

July 01, 2016

As a final graduation project for school, I designed and created a very detailed dress together with a classmate (it's called "Diplomarbeit" here, don't know how to translate that :) ) for the character "Sarah" in the musical "Dance of the Vampires". We got commissioned to sew it by Mamaz, the creators of the Austrian Convention "Made in Japan". It was a very, very detailed project (most fancy dress I ever worked on!) and we are very proud of our work. :) The theater evening at the convention was simply amazing, and I cherish that I got to be part of something this big. The one wearing our dress on stage was the actress Marjan Shaki, what an honor!

The feeling of watching her sing while wearing our dress...ahh my heart ;w;

Alex and I will definitely go to this convention next year if possible, and we highly recommend it!  



New website!

July 08, 2016

This website is now online, yay! 

Now you can easily access any information about commissions and more~

Have fun exploring the page! Pinku is the one responsible for the design <3 

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