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Plush Catalogue

These are plushies that have been in my shop so far! 

If you want to see a certain one’s return, feel free to let me know via commenting on social media. I keep a list of all suggestions, and they may pop up again in future Releases! Especially if multiple people have asked about the same plush.

Mochis / Cupcakes:

This style of plush fits into cupcake cases.

Specifically the Mochis are also satisfying to squish!


Blobs are round like Mochi plushies, though they are bigger and more detailed.


PlushPins can be attached to your outfit, bag, hair, … pretty much anywhere!

This is possible thanks to the brooch / hairclip combination

on their backside.

They’re perfect for Pokemon GO adventures or Decora fashion.

Other plushies:


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