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2017 is nearing its end! 💚💗 It was the first full year of sewing plushies as my job, and I am so happy and grateful that I get to work with what I am passionate about. And that’s thanks to you! All your kind comments and likes throughout the year were so motivating for me to keep giving my best, and some of them really melted my heart. <3 As a thank you, I am going to do a plush giveaway on Instagram soon! It will happen around the end of january, if you keep an eye on my stories you’ll get to vote on which plush it is going to be!! :D I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and am really looking forward to it. 💚 Also, what would new years be without resolutions? Here are some things I want to reach and improve for Pinku Art in 2018:

💚Get a better workspace

💚Do at least one giveaway

💚Write the book of plushmaking for beginners!

💚Make a plush for myself!

💚Make a cosplay!

💚Go to conventions! (priorities: VieCC, GalaCon, NärCon, Dreamhack :D)

💚Create pages on Twitter, WorldCosplay and PokeAmino (do you have suggestions for more? :) )

💚Reach 10.000 followers on Instagram

💚Get up earlier in the morning xD

💚Better time management (I usually just work on plushies all day long. xD But there is so much more to do! :,D)

💚Master at least one new plushmaking technique (e.g. airbrushing!)

Let’s see if we can make all of them happen! As always, I am going to give my best to bring amazing plushies to your feed and to improve my skills. :) Also! My pink soulmate Xanttustream is going to start streaming actively again. I’m hyped to watch him, and might have an appearance or two on the stream as well. 💗 I’m looking forward to a new year full of plushies, creativity and happiness! 💚 See you there. :)

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