This page is still in progress!

It will feature a gallery of all outfits and cosplays Pinku has created. 


2015: Flutterbat Cosplay (own design)

2015: LifeBall outfit

2014: Dark Rainbow warrior

2014: "Fashion & Food" Fashion show

2013: Green and Pink Cyber Tiger outfits

2013: Studded Jeans&Leather west - used for casual Cyber Vinyl Scratch outfit

2012: Black & White Cyber Harpy outfit 

2012: DJ Pon3 / Vinyl Scratch Cyber outfit

2012: Green & White cyber outfit

2012: First handmade Hoodies

2011: Renamon Cosplay

2012: Green & White Cyber outfit

2012 is when I discovered my passion for cyber fashion and especially cyberlocks ( the amazing jellyfish-hair tubes :D)

My aim was to make an outfit in green & white and combine it with really long Cyberlocks, this is the result!

2012: First handmade Hoodies

The first tries of making clothes! The first Hoodie was so unprofessionally made, haha. But it actually looks good and doesn't fall apart! The second one went way better. I so loved making and wearing these! 

2011: Renamon Cosplay

Back then I had no idea about sewing clothes or making clothing patterns. I actually laid down on the fabric and traced my lines, haha!

I approached this costume like it was a plushie. :D The applique of the eyes and details went pretty well since it was the same as making plushies, adding a zipper in the back and shaping the head out of foam was a challenge! Looking at the shape now it is far from perfect, but I was very proud of making it and loved wearing it at AniNite 2011. :)

I even got a honorary mention at the Cosplay contest! 

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